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Practice in Motion – MEDA301 (week 1)

In our first MEDA301 class we were introduced to the idea of practices and asked to contemplate our understanding of the term. Discussion as a group formed an idea regarding practices as an ongoing process whereby the various tasks involved in the development of that practice is a component of art itself which must be recognised in relation to the final outcome.

From this point we were asked to consider practices in relation to an area in which we were eager to develop which would form the basis for assignment 1, the Practices Project. Personally I chose to focus on my Photoshop skills after realising the advantage such a skill has when considering future prospects. My current familiarity at the time though was very basic meaning that there would be plenty of work ahead, although also making it perfect for this practices project.

Firstly using Photoshop online tutorials I became familiar with the basic components of the program such as layering, masking, removing objects etc. Rather than using the supplied example images on the sight though, I instead decided to implement what I had learned using my own images.

  • Removing people and objects
  • Layering and masking
  • Tone and colour
  • Levels
  • Cropping
  • Combining photos


mac demarconumber1  content switchnumber3

Although not as refined as I intend for my projects to be at the end of the practices assignment, I still believe progress was made in terms of satisfying the need for daily practice and helped in my understanding and exploration of practices. Although this being the case I’m still yet to define a theme or definitive direction for my Photoshop practices.

During our 2nd week excursion to the Chuck Close exhibition our tutor emphasised the need to push the contingencies of our practice. This meaning to go beyond the boundaries of that practice through daily exploration so that something unique can be developed. With this in mind the following week will be used to create a structure surrounding my Photoshop practice in order to gain the most experience, whilst also developing ideas that will extend upon the possibilities evident in Photoshop.

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