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Finding your Craft (Week 2) – MEDA301

The main aim of my second week of practice was to define the outlining theme for the Photoshop images I have created. After reflecting on the recent images I have created (Ryan Gossling, Mac DeMarco) it was evident that I was interested in pop culture and a sort a fanaticism with involving myself in that world. The dream of a certain lifestyle, in my case being involved in the music industry arose and raised questions regarding my own passion and drive. Upon further self-reflection I realized the one major flaw in any pursuit by myself for this type of lifestyle. Laziness!

Now I’m not suggesting that I’m a completely lazy person, in some practices I am fully devoted whereas other things I choose to neglect. The one relative example in my case would be the purchase of a keyboard I made two years ago. With no prior instrumental experience but a bit of cash in hand and an idea in my head I made an impulse buy. Referring to Carter’s (2004, p.7) ideas on material thinking a bit of creative research was to come with me realizing my aptitude for creating music. This was not the case though with my fantastical ideas in impulsive moments overshadowing the passion and drive I thought I would find.

From here my theme for my Photoshop practices was crafted. I decided I would look at the idea of ‘the lazy pursuit’ by creating images showing me realizing these dreams but juxtaposing it with images of laziness or disinterest. Although different purposes, there is a guy who Photoshop’s himself into hilarious photos of celebrities which some similarities can be drawn from.

So here is my attempt at fulfilling this idea:

BCM310 Blog 2 (Courtney Barnett)

It is a photo of myself on stage with one of my favourite bands in front of the keyboard although instead of playing I’m on my phone. Therefore immersing myself in the scene I had aspirations of achieving but contrasting it with one of the great tools of procrastination. The final image is the outcome of merging three different images, these being the top half of the body (including the keyboard), legs and the keyboard stand. It involved using a lot of the skills learnt from the initial Photoshop practices such as layering and masking, removing/moving objects, Image adjustments (tone, colour, levels) as well as combining photos.

Over the next week I want to further explore the idea of ‘the lazy pursuit’ by looking at other peoples aspirations and incorporating them into my Photoshop practices. I also want to work on refining the edges of the images I work on.

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