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Developing Practice – Theme Exploration

For my practices project last week I decided that I would spend it looking at other peoples endeavours in what I labelled as ‘the lazy pursuit’. This being individuals wanting to achieve something but ultimately acting on impulses that weren’t followed through entirely. But as the week progressed and I developed the examples from people on Photoshop I realised that there were different reasons for their unfulfilled pursuits, bringing into question the use of the phrase ‘the lazy pursuit’.

The first Photoshop example I developed was of my roommate who said that in high school he intended on doing Journalism when he reached University. But as it approached he changed his preference to Engineering. Here is my impression in line with the themes presented in the last blog post:

GTY 466845640 S BKC SPO USA NY

This Photoshop image required a similar operation to previous examples. Although last week I identified refining edges as something that I needed to work on and therefore spent time familiarising myself with this operation. This included using the clone stamp tool, blur tool, sharpen tool, as well as smoothing the radius.

GTY 466845640 S BKC SPO USA NY

The next image was of a friend who as a young kid dreamed of being an AFL star. The process for this was also alike and in terms of refining edges I used a similar process, except for the use of the brush tool to change pixels around the edges. With this image though I realised the need for some shadowing to make it look less out of place. This is something I will work on in the next week.


Ultimately I think the images for this week helped me better understand the Photoshop practices intended. Although I think they drifted away from the theme I had set, rather than ‘the lazy pursuit’ these individuals purposefully changed their interest or realised their capacity to fulfil these endeavours. For example, the AFL image is of someone who still actively plays the sport but doesn’t have the capacity to reach the level his younger self imagined. Therefore for next week’s activities I have decided to shift the focus back onto myself and the pursuit explained last week. The Photoshop practices will include learning how to incorporate shadowing as well as understanding the remaining major tools for the program. In terms of images, I’m thinking of incorporating myself into some of my favourite album artworks.

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