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Direction Change: Exploring recognisability and parodies

Week 5’s practice development saw the continuation and exploration of Photoshop, in particularly blending methods, shadowing and refining methods were explored. In terms of the theme discussed in previous posts, encompassing popular culture and the interactions or perceptions myself and others had in relation to aspirations was eventually deviated from this week. Mainly because the connection or theme was a bit stringent in terms of what it allowed me to create and I felt like I was grasping at a theme that’s development was limited in the future. Although I haven’t totally abandoned components introduced whilst focussing on this theme. I have shifted my focus onto the parody of pop culture, this being something apparent in earlier works and an area where Photoshop provides the capabilities to explore and achieve these ideas.

I have altered the goals slightly from what was established in the last post, I have still gone in the direction of using album covers but have changed the theme to incorporate movies and tv shows into album covers rather than use myself. I have also practiced shadowing which is one of the goals that was set.

The first image is a parody of Johnny Cash’s album American VI: Aint No Grave. The simplistic nature of the album cover allowed me to tie it in easily with the popular show Breaking Bad and its protagonist Walter White, whilst also allowing me to work on my shading skills.

cash cash cash final

Changing the gradient of the image, using the spot healing brush, and blur/smudge effects resulted in a parody that ties in with the themes of the show whilst maintaining the original aesthetic of the album cover.

The next image is a parody of Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories with Star Wars. Again this image required standard Photoshop practices as well as the refinement of edges. Also the creation of the text ‘Darth Punk’ required the modification of existing content in order to create something new. This images purpose was also to integrate two items of popular culture that would complement each other.

daft-punk  darth punkdarth-punk final (3)

Overall the change in direction or theme in these images compared to previous ones is the lack of self-involvement. Although I feel the collaboration of this sort of popular culture still comments on the prominence and recognisability myself and others have with certain media content. The partnership of these images still incorporates the comedic aspect to parodies as well as honouring the subject matter of both media components. The decision to blend two different artworks was influenced by a project form In Return and Alan Murray where they created Fan Art in which the Ninja Turtles are paired with popular fashion brands Also Weird Al Yankovic’s album covers served as inspiration with these images serving as an effective example of parodies for popular content. Such as the album cover for ‘Even Worse’, parodying Michael Jacksons album cover ‘Bad’.

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