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A selection of artworks, reflection and development of practice

Continuation of Ideas and Practice

This week involved the development of the parodies that began last week, involving movies, television shows and album covers. Moving forward with the ideas of the prominence and recognisability of entertainment figures and how even when presented through a different media still maintain a distinction or standing in popular culture. With the aim of integrating a movie or television show into an existing album cover without distorting the themes of either too excessively my Photoshop practice abilities have improved.

The first image involves the merging of Pink Floyd’s album artwork for ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ and the popular television show House of Cards. The original album artwork layout was suited to the tv show, with the refracted light component providing the perfect scene for the upside down American Flag the show uses as a symbol. Also the placement of the protagonist in the triangle and creating a transparent look I feel added to the effect of the image. In order to create it blending options were utilised as well as standard layering, masking, adjusting levels and filling colours.

pink-floyd-the-dark-side-868223-1900x1200 HoF 1 pink-floyd-the-dark-side- final

The next is an unfinished work based on Queens album artwork for their self-titled album, incorporating a Game of Thrones reference to several characters fighting for the role of Queen. Although the shadowing and lighting effects seen on the original are hard to replicate. At the moment I’m trying to learn how to effectively use shadowing effects and manipulate lighting through tutorials in order to create an effective image. I will continue to work on this image throughout the next week in order to better understand Photoshop features and capabilities.

QueenBandBohemNew600 cersei-lannister-image.pjpg

Overall this weeks exploration of themes was similar to last week although the image content was less comedic and focused on the album artwork and conceptually manipulating tv shows in order to effectively represent both parties. In terms of picking these two album artworks and shows to parody it simply came down to best fit. With both adding to the theme based around recognisability in pop culture across methods, as well as the manipulation of current images to suit the purpose of your content. The example that comes to mind is the current promotion for the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia who parody the band Kiss in their promo.

This is a perfect example of how parody methods use recognisability across two pieces of content to create awareness and interest. Similar to what I have done with these images. The parody of album artworks isn’t new though as there are plenty of examples where famous covers have been manipulated to express something else.

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