Keegan Litchfield

A selection of artworks, reflection and development of practice

Elemental Embrace (2015)

Elemental Embrace was created in response to Bill Viola’s multi-screen video installation work Martyr’s. Exploring the four classical elements similar to that of Violas work, this project aims to highlight the connection between four fundamental components of life, and emphasises the human role as the instigator or conducer of the four. This piece is a reaction to the overwhelming force of nature seen in  Martyr’s, with Photoshop allowing for Water, Earth, Fire and Air elements to be integrated but also construed to showcase a transformation and even a coexistence that contrasts Viola’s work.

The capabilities of Photoshop have allowed for the central theme of transformation to be explored through both movement of the body and the layering of various images with it, this being accompanied by other image editing techniques. As a result a timeline of transformation and synchronicity has been created that reflects similar aesthetics expressed in Bill Viola’s Martyr’s but differs in themes. This difference being that of an embrace of all elements rather than that of a resolve against their overwhelming nature.

Bill Viola’s Martyr’s (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) 2014

bill viola

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