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Elemental Embrace (2015)

Elemental Embrace was created in response to Bill Viola’s multi-screen video installation work Martyr’s. Exploring the four classical elements similar to that of Violas work, this project aims to highlight … Continue reading

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The Realisation of the major work – Pixelation (2015)

Artist Statement Litchfield’s Pixelation works on the idea that pixels are the building blocks of any digital image – they are the fabric of the digital. Here the pixel as … Continue reading

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Pixelation (2015) by Keegan Litchfield – Critical Reflection

This self-directed artwork is based on the idea that pixels are the building blocks for digital images. An early established aim of learning to use the program Photoshop throughout the … Continue reading

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Anthony McCall – Line Describing a Cone (MEDA301)

Anthony McCall is an artist known for his use of film projectors and lighting to create pieces based on time, space and human interaction, this including his popular artwork Line … Continue reading

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Cricket Board Game (2014)

This project is a reimagining and adjustment to the popular 1970’s Test Match Cricket board game. The main purpose of the project is to combine nostalgic gaming with more recent … Continue reading

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Photoshop Practice Project Summary

For my practices project I decided that continual development of my skills with the Photoshop program would be both interesting and beneficial in obtaining opportunities in the future. Over the … Continue reading

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Continuation of Ideas and Practice

This week involved the development of the parodies that began last week, involving movies, television shows and album covers. Moving forward with the ideas of the prominence and recognisability of … Continue reading

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Direction Change: Exploring recognisability and parodies

Week 5’s practice development saw the continuation and exploration of Photoshop, in particularly blending methods, shadowing and refining methods were explored. In terms of the theme discussed in previous posts, … Continue reading

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Developing Practice – Theme Exploration

For my practices project last week I decided that I would spend it looking at other peoples endeavours in what I labelled as ‘the lazy pursuit’. This being individuals wanting … Continue reading

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Finding your Craft (Week 2) – MEDA301

The main aim of my second week of practice was to define the outlining theme for the Photoshop images I have created. After reflecting on the recent images I have … Continue reading

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